Professor Dan Lane of the University of Ottawa responded to the post about Brian Rothschild's critique of the US catch shares program. Lane's comments follow:

"A most interesting issue re Brian Rothschild and “catch shares”.  However, I smell a rat. Why should we feel angst for “lost livelihoods” in a US fishery that is over-exploited (the old “too many boats chasing too few fish”)? And, as I understand it, allow decisions for marginal fishermen to sell their initial share allocations to others who can actually make money out of them? This consolidation would seem to me to be exactly what the US fisheries need. Finally, why should we fault or attack the corporates who are capable of amassing the shares into a viable amount. Aren’t they the ones best able to make the fishery profitable (with spin off hirings, local employment, etc.) compared to a fledging, and subsidized small scale fishery where everyone barely gets by…? I think Brian is wrong in defending the “lost livelihoods” of marginal fishermen and businesses who labour under the impression that they have a “right” (not a privilege) to be fishermen. I suggest that by getting them out of the fishery – and supporting that effort with public funds - that perhaps we are doing them – and the economy – a favour."

TAGS: US fisheries, catch shares, Brian Rothschild, Dan Lane, individual quotas, sustainable, fishing, fisheries, fisheries economics, employment, livelihoods

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