Taking advantage of a major conference in Ottawa, thousands of scientists marched on Parliament Hill today to protest what they termed the "Death of Evidence." The Grim Reaper led the way. The scientists were protesting the relentless and continuing assault by the Harper govt on science in Canada. The Harper govt is noted for basing its policies on ideology and political convenience rather than evidence. Whether it be criminal policy or environmental inaction the Harper has a consistent track record of ignoring evidence and shooting the messenger. Its cuts to DOE and Fisheries and Oceans are vivid proof of its disdain for those who seek knowledge and evidence-based decision making. Examples include the slashing of environmental monitoring, the closure of the world class Experimental Lakes research facility in northern Ontario and cuts to oceans and fisheries science. The recent jamming through Parliament of the Omnibus legislation that gutted the habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act and the environmental assessment process in an attempt to ensure swift approval of petroleum development projects for the govt's friends in big industry illustrate clearly this govt's contempt for evidence, facts and the views of everyday Canadians.

 A tip of the hat to the scientists who marched today! May the Opposition Parties renew the fight with vigour when parliament reconvenes!

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